Hits dishes from around the world. Atmosphere and lounge. Democratic price

Chad-city cafe, which combines delicious trendy food from around the world and wine at affordable prices, hookah culture from St. Petersburg and really not like anything in Almaty stylish and comfortable interior.


Hits dishes from around the world

Kitchen — this is a good Vitaly Vorobiev of St. Petersburg (Ketch Up Burgers, Frank) and local talented Brand-chief of Love Khokhlova (Balcon, Chief, Wave).
The menu combines well-cooked popular classics and new dishes from around the world.


Lounge and Hookah

Hookah culture in Chad respects the traditions of Almaty, but brings traditions from St. Petersburg. This is a special way of medium and strong "scoring", which give the maximum taste and moderate strength. These are the latest novelties of hookah products and of course, the combination of hookah with Chinese tea ceremony.
In Chad, you should appreciate the expanded map of Chinese teas with a unique serving and try our signature tea cocktails. Tea chef Lao kretsu created the tea card with special care and love.


Wine and bar

The wine list is a selection of popular classic positions and the New world at affordable prices.
The bar card is branded liqueurs, popular cocktails and strong alcohol



Location Chad Cafe is not chosen by chance. 200 meters away is the Central Park of Culture and Recreation (formerly Park them. M. Gorky), which attracts residents and visitors.
Also, the area is overgrown with residential areas of business class, which ennoble the atmosphere of the area.

Chad Cafe loves his guests. It is important for us that visitors can afford to come to us every day, hold business meetings, work productively or share a celebration in the company of friends.

For the convenience of our guests, we have created a Loyal Guest card that allows you to save bonuses and receive up to 50% discount from your account!

The Village Kazakhstan

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In the morning here have Breakfast, drink coffee. In the afternoon Almaty residents have lunch, hold meetings, plan projects.
In the evenings, tea tastings are held on weekdays, guests order hookahs, and on Friday and Saturday DJs stand at the music console, and the cafe turns into a pre-party place


Restaurant Insta-blog about Almaty institutions

The food here is mixed, but the pan Asian flavours still predominate. As for the prices, they are quite adequate. Now a few words about the interior: a great idea to make soft seats close to the panoramic Windows, sitting is a pleasure



Even wanted to take a picture of this beauty... (after)
(about Filet Mignon with corn in cheese sauce)


The most popular
dishes of our menu.

The most top dishes:

  • Том ям с морепродуктами
  • Говяжьи ребра
  • Бургер из мраморной говядины
  • Салат Том Ям с морепродуктами
  • Салат с куриной грудкой и соусом карри
  • Чилийские мидии
  • Фисташковый рулет
  • Пудинг с Семёнами чиа


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